DJ Dangerous Raj Desai has several great releases on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, Juno Download, Pandora, Deezer, and yet this time DJ Dangerous Raj Desai has something very exciting for us! A 30 minute Megasmash!! A MEGAMIX of all the songs on the album. And i say, it 's a banger! A party starter! “Without You” is showing a new facet of DJ Dangerous Raj Desai, who evidently experimented with the most recent trend, vocals. Obviously, this was his take in the form of a frenetic set of emotions in the songs, reminiscent of an era where the ‘emotional’ sound was touching. Nevertheless I preferred the unexpected feeling from this consequence, both deep and moving at the same time as the emotionally synergized vibe is agreeably with other aspects of the album's soul.

Within the immense discography of DJ Dangerous Raj Desai (over 125 singles and countless albums), “Without You” by the American DJ struck me as extraordinarily good, although it may resemble a common dancefloor deep house or even house framework in its initial sequence. The album really is fantastic especially the mixing of the first megamix track.

For the past releases, there remained a common denominator: gradual patterns, and that vintage electronic substance. Not uncommon in the the house realm, where this specific paradigm has been employed in several ways. BUT, what impressed me is DJ Dangerous Raj Desai's talent for molding the album into an idea through projected emotions and feelings with an “out of the box” vocal technique, which brings remarkable surprises in the smooth vocal productions.

Let’s decipher “Without You”: the 16th volume is escorted by some authentic facets, such as the powerful bassline and the wicked yet rhymic sounds in the mix. DJ Dangerous Raj Desai blends everything together, from a wickedly awesome beat to a dramatic vocal which in turn gives me the feeling of being "All Alone Again" There are so many variations of the single "All Alone Again" by DJ Dangerous Raj Desai on the "Without You" Album 16 that one can only fall in love with remixes. The remixes to "ALL Alone Again" impacted my vibe so much that I enjoyed the impulses and felt the loneliness imparted on the track as I danced the night away...sorrow meets powerful beats! So let's dance ladies!“Without You” is particularly alive!

“Without You” is a series of songs and remixes that become soulful to create an intense emotion, and offers a unique listening experience. All originating from a very popular vocal in the dance music genre, DJ Dangerous Raj Desai...
It’s amazing to see the growth potential of DJ Dangerous Raj Desai's flair, while retaining the emotions and feeling of his vocals! Like you, I can't wait for his next track. What's next Dangerous?